Empower Krav Maga & Fitness, LLC Reviews

I can't wait to start back up after a little break this summer. I love their classes!!! What an awesome workout!

Sabine W.

Grace is nothing short of awesome. A great motivator and an excellent teacher who will push you to your best. Very happy I landed on her school.

Palak S.

Grace has put together an awesome program of technical and fitness training to keep you healthy and ready for whatever life throws at you. It's a crazy world out there..shouldn't you be ready for it? Empower yourself!

Michael M.

Grace offers more than just fitness. The strength and endurance I’ve gained from her classes is unbelievable. As a dancer my turns and leaps have greatly improved as a result of her class. The ability to know I can protect myself or my kids is priceless. There are many scary things in this world but having some Krav Maga in my back pocket makes me feel confident and more secure.

Brynn A.

We are beginners and this class is so empowering to us. Family friendly atmosphere. Environment of acceptance and learning. It is the best therapy for the mind and body.

Update since joining a month ago: Grace is the trainer I have always dreamt of having. She’s tough but compassionate when needed. She is changing my life one workout at a time. Thank you God for giving us Grace!

Everyone needs more Grace.

Sanna P.

Grace is the real deal, guys! Awesome energy combined with the knowledge & skills that could save your life. 👊😎🤙

Michael M.

Grace is not only knowledgeable and masterful at her craft, she is also inspiring! I truly do feel empowered after spending time learning from her.

Lindsey G.

Variety in instruction for all levels of learning!

Carol W.

Grace knows her craft and empowers her students to be confident in standing up for themselves and fighting back.

Annie J.

I hold belts in American mixed martial and Tang Soo Do. I became interested in the no nonsense approach of Krav Maga through some on line recommendations. I found that Empower Krav Maga offered a refreshing approach to a subject that can be intense. Grace is as instructive and motivating as any instructor I have ever study with. The difference is while she is intense she also passes on to her students a caring nature that aligns with heart felt faith that shines through. Inspirational, motivational, and physically taxing, everything you need. Oh and she WILL teach you,to kick butt. If you want the best Krav Maga exspirance around come to Empwer Krav Maga and fitness.

Glen P.

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