Krav Maga Winter Workshop

Announcing Empower Krav Maga & Fitness’s new Krav Maga program beginning January 2020!  We will be offering Krav Maga Workshops that specifically focus on learning an advanced technique that is practical for every day. 


Krav Maga is a principal-based self-defense program using a variety of martial arts and striking techniques.  The goal is to always “go home safe” and to “walk in peace.”  With that in mind, you will learn basic techniques that build upon each other. As you become proficient in the basic techniques, you will learn an advanced technique that combines those basic techniques you already learned.  You will complete the workshop feeling confident that you have the tools to defend yourself against a dangerous attacker.


Winter Workshop 1

Knife Defense Against Downward Stab:  By the end of the 6 -week session, you will be able to defend yourself against an attacker trying to stab you in a downward motion with a knife, ice pick or other sharp object.

Level 1 Techniques:

  • Proper Fighting Stance
  • Straight Punches
  • Front Kick to the Groin
  • Knees with the proper hold
  • 360 Defense
  • Straight Punch with Advance

Level 2 Technique:

  • 360 Defense with Counters

Level 4 Technique

  • Cavaliers (Wrist locks)

Level 5 Technique

  • Knife Defense Against Downward Stab (Ice Pick Stab)


Class Days & Times:

There will be two offerings:

  • Monday & Wednesday at 6:30PM – OR – Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30PM.
  • When you enroll in the Workshop, you must enroll for either the Monday & Wednesday session or the Tuesday & Thursday session. (Monday & Tuesday will be the same class; Wednesday & Thursday will be the same class)
  • There will be a 4-person minimum enrollment for each session.
  • Classes will be 1 hour each.
  • Make Up Sessions will be on Saturday February 1st and Saturday February 22nd
  • You will be required to enroll in class prior to attending via the Zen Planner Student App.


The Workshop Classes will be on these dates:
Week 1:

Monday, January 6th and Wednesday, January 8th

Tuesday, January 7th and Thursday, January 9th


Week 2:

Monday, January 13th and Wednesday, January 15th

Tuesday, January 14th and Thursday, January 16th




Week 3:

Monday, January 27th and Wednesday, January 29th

Tuesday, January 28th and Thursday January 30th


Week 4:

Monday, February 3rd and Wednesday, February 5th

Tuesday, February 4th and Thursday, February 6th


Week 5:

Monday, February 10th and Wednesday, February 12th

Tuesday, February 11th and Thursday, February 13th


Week 6

Monday, February 17th and Wednesday, February 19th

Tuesday, February 18th and Thursday, February 20th


*There will be no Krav Maga classes the week of January 20th – 25th.  All Krav Maga Workshop students are welcome to take kickboxing classes that week at no additional charge. For the week of January 20th – 25th only, Kickboxing classes will be offered Monday – Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10:00am.*





  • $175 per student
  • A $50 deposit will be required to reserve your spot; balance due on or prior to the first night of class.
  • Classes are limited to 12 people so focused attention can be given to everyone.  (Monday/Wednesday = 12 people; Tuesday/Thursday = 12 people; Minimum requirement of 4 students for each session)
  • Arm protection will be required and available for purchase at the studio. A bulk order will be placed and the savings will be passed to the students.


Kickboxing Program Pricing for Krav Maga Workshop Students

  • $39 per month if registered in a Krav Maga Workshop
  • If you choose to continue with Kickboxing classes throughout the months of the Krav Maga workshop, it will be a $39 per month for unlimited kickboxing classes in January and in February.


Have questions or want to enroll?  Email or call/text 404-388-2704



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