College Prep Program Starts January 27th!

Empower Krav Maga is proud to offer a self defense program aimed specifically at juniors and seniors in high school. The goal is to prepare teen girls for the dangers that may arise while becoming more independent, not only on a college campus away from home, but also while working, dating or just driving on their own. Whether they'll be nearby in Alpharetta or Dawsonville or across the country, it's important that they have the tools they need to stay safe.

This program will cover self defense techniques for various threatening situations, using the Krav Maga Alliance curriculum. 

Classes will be held on Monday afternoons at 4:30-5:30pm.

Class dates:  January 27th, February 3rd, February 10th, February 24th, March 2nd, March 9th

$120 per student

Curriculum that will be covered*

January 27th

Warm up – Ground Work

Fighting Stance and Movement from Ground

Front Kick from Ground


Guard – kick off from guard

Technical Get-Up (create space, kick)

February 3rd

Ground Work

Review Fighting Stance from Ground & Movement

Front Kick from Ground

Mount Position

Buck, Trap & Roll

Mount with arms pinned

Technical Get-Up (create space, kick)


February 10th

Palm Strikes, Defensive Front Kick

Defense against Choke from the Front, One Hand Pluck

Defense against Choke from the side on the ground (Time permitting)


February 24th

Review combatives, including Defensive Front Kick and Knees

Defense against Choke from the front, Two-hand Pluck

Defense against Choke from Mount


March 2nd

Side Hammer Strike, Elbows

Choke from front with Push and Bearhug from Behind

Transitioning from an attack from behind to face attacker with side hammer strike

Real life scenario training, i.e. carrying book bag, water bottle, distracted with phone in hand etc.


March 9th

Review combatives

Defenses Against Hair Pulls

Aggression Drills



*Curriculum may change based on time required for various techniques


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