Krav Maga Winter/Spring Workshop

Krav Maga is a principal-based self-defense system using a variety of martial arts and striking techniques.  The goals are to “go home safe” and “walk in peace.”  With that in mind, you will learn basic techniques that build upon each other. As you become proficient in the principals of these techniques, you will be able to apply them to different, but similar situations.  You will complete the workshop feeling confident that you have the tools to defend yourself against a dangerous attacker.

The Winter/Spring Workshop will cover defenses against being Choked! 

Self Defense Techniques:

Choke from the Front -one-hand plucking method and two-hand plucking method

Choke from the Front while being pushed

Choke from Behind

Choke from Behind while being pushed

Choke from Behind while being pulled

Striking and Fighting Techniques:

Proper Fighting Stance


Straight Punches

Hook Punches

Hammerfist Punches


Front Kick to the Groin

Offensive Front Kick/Front Kick to the Belly

Round Kicks



5-Week Workshop

Class Days & Times are during the weeks of March 2nd - April 2nd

There will be two offerings:

  • Monday & Wednesday at 6:30PM – OR – Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30PM.*
  • When you enroll in the Workshop, you must enroll for either the Monday & Wednesday session or the Tuesday & Thursday session. (Monday & Tuesday will be the same class; Wednesday & Thursday will be the same class)
  • *There will be a 4-person minimum enrollment for each session.
  • Classes will be 1 hour each.
  • Make Up Session will be on Saturday March 21st at 9:00AM
  • Students will be required to enroll in class prior to attending via the Zen Planner Student App.

Class Dates

Week 1

Monday March 2nd & Wednesday March 4th

Tuesday March 3rd & Thursday March 5th

Week 2

Monday March 9th & Wednesday March 11th

Tuesday March 10th & Thursday March 12th

Week 3

Monday March 16th & Wednesday March 18th

Tuesday March 17th & Thursday March 19th

Saturday March 21st:  Makeup Day at 9:00AM

Week 4

Monday March 23rd & Wednesday March 25th

Tuesday March 24th & Thursday March 26th

Week 5

Monday March 30th & Wednesday April 1st

Tuesday March 31st & Wednesday April 2nd


A Women's Only Workshop will be offered the same weeks, March 2nd - April 2nd, on Monday's and Thursday's at 12:00PM.  **4-Person Minimum enrollment for the Women's Workshop to be held.**


Price:  $149 per person

This price includes unlimited kickboxing classes for the 5 weeks of the Krav Maga workshop!

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