EmpowerFIT And StrikeHIIT Kickboxing In Cumming

EmpowerFIT And StrikeHIIT Classes Are The Best Kickboxing Can Get

Are you tired of the monotonous cardio routines that you're used to? Empower Krav Maga And Fitness knows just the way to break out with our Kickboxing classes. We offer both EmpowerFIT and StrikeHIIT classes to keep things exciting for people all across Cumming, Alpharetta, and Dawsonville.

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EmpowerFIT Classes For Functional Fitness

Our EmpowerFIT classes incorporate the use of functional equipment and functional exercise to offer a dynamic class like no other. Each class is packed with fast paced striking, dodging, and blocking to ensure maximum benefits. 

Check out EmpowerFIT for:

  • Impact based workouts with high intensity
  • Lean muscle toning across the whole body
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Encouraging teammates and teachers

StrikeHIIT Offers High Intensity Interval Training With Kickboxing

If you're looking for a another approach to kickboxing, we also have StrikeHIIT classes that incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with your standard stand up bag routine. Each class, we complete a new white board routine in 45 minutes to provide the cardio workout you will want to do every week.

StrikeHIIT at Empower Krav Maga & Fitness can give you:

  • Fat-burning exercises that keep you coming back
  • Energizing new lessons each class
  • Professional instructors dedicated to your success
  • Increased agility and strength

Empower Krav Maga & Fitness Has Everything You Need With EmpowerFIT And StrikeHIIT

Experience a Kickboxing class like none other you've been a part of with EmpowerFIT and StrikeHIIT here at Empower Krav Maga & Fitness. We welcome people of all skill levels around Cumming, Alpharetta, and Dawsonville to come be a part of our high energy workouts.

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